Scary Things That Can Happen With High Body Fat Percentage

High body fat percentage is very popular today because of an unhealthy lifestyle. But what we do not know is that keeping too much fat in the body can cause severe health complications that can lead to death. Let us look at some effects of having high percentage of fats in the body and how it can affect our lives in the long run.

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Although fats can promote proper bodily functions, maintaining high amounts of it in the body is not beneficial. The most common problem with high fat in the body is heart failure. Fats can clog the veins and arteries blocking blood flow in the heart. This can be very fatal if not treated properly. Heart diseases can be prevented by lowering the amount of fats in the body.

Another problem regarding high fat percentage is possible occurrence of type 2 diabetes. Fats can cause excessive production of insulin in the body making body cells to be immune to insulin. Other than diabetes, too much insulin can also cause high blood pressure. Excessive fats in the body can also increase the risk of cancer. Studies show that too much fat in the body can lead to formation of colon, cervical, prostate and ovarian cancer. To prevent these things to happen, you should lower the percentage of fat in your body.

Excessive amounts of fat percentage can also cause erectile dysfunction. This is a very serious problem and should be prevented immediately. Most patients with high fats in the body are obese. Too much visible body fats can also hinder ovulation for women. If ever you’re suffering from gout problems, then you should be aware of having high percentage of fats in the body. It can trigger gout attacks and can even amplify the pain caused by gouts.

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