What Are The Highest Paying Masters Degrees?

Many people are heading back to school for advanced degrees. They want to further themselves and their careers, but many are also asking which masters degrees pay the best? Honestly, the highest paying masters degree has more to do with what you do with the degree, but I will go over the ones which pay the most on average.

First, make sure that you have the qualifications needed to obtain the master’s degree and make sure that you will be happy in the job in the end. Unhappy people make less money on average.

Masters degrees take between one and four years to obtain, most being two or three years. This can be a quicker way to a high paying job then say, the four years of medical school plus residencies for a doctor.

Petroleum engineering is a great degree choice for those with a solid math and science background. They are in very high demand, and with a starting salary of about $85,000, you will find that you are paid well for your knowledge. In this degree program you will learn a combination of geology, engineering, and petroleum sciences.

Although an MBA can make you look better on your resume, many people now have that degree. A more specialized degree, like a Masters of Management can make you stand out in the corporate world. Nabbing a job like a management consultant at a big corporation can net you a six figure starting salary.

Another great career is for those interested in the health field: Physician Assistant. These health care workers attend two years of graduate training and then practice medicine under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor. This job is growing very rapidly, especially in urban and rural areas. They make $80,000 a year starting salary.

Though there are many more, this is a great place to start investigating high paying masters degrees.

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