HM Armed Forces Toys Collection

The HM armed forces toys collection is a series of army action figures as well as vehicles.  They are all based on the three divisions of the British armed forces so you have separate collections for the British Army, Navy and Royal Air Force. Each of these ranges is highly detailed to mimic exactly those soldiers they are supposed to represent.

The army collection has figures starting from the normal infantrymen to mortar men and armored infantryman. The collection also carries accessories like the shoulder fired rocket launcher as well as light artillery. You get anti tank missiles, night view goggles, body armor and anything else you think of that the real soldiers have. You also have the mechanized division which has battle tanks and ATV’s which are large enough to carry the figures inside them.

The HM armed forces figures of the Royal Air Force have either dress or battle uniforms and include such soldiers as the fast jet pilot and falcon parachutist. They also come with accessories such as a casualty evacuation harness into which you can strap in injured infantrymen.

The Navy collection contains action figures like the Royal Navy Marine, the Royal Navy Commando and the commando with canoe. All these figures are true to real life and realistic.

If you are looking for a gift for a small boy this is one that is sure to go down well. The quality of the plastic and workmanship are truly exceptional as is the detailing. These toys actually have uniforms that are made of cloth unlike other action figures where the uniforms are part of the doll and made of plastic. The detailing in small things like the length of the rifle and the paddle in the canoe shows the amount of work that has gone into their manufacture. Although the right index finger is permanently crooked so that it will sit properly when you place a gun in the hand, it does not look odd and gives you the opportunity of using the same soldier with a number of different weapons.

These HM armed forces toys are truly the next generation when it comes to army toys and are something that every small boy should have.

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