Reduce Your Energy Bills With A Home Energy Audit

Today there are a two major concerns across the world that are interrelated, these are global warming and the global financial crisis. These issues provide to the society perfect opportunity for reducing the rising energy costs and carbon footprints simultaneously.

Now how best can this be done? There are numerous ways of reducing energy consumption within the house, and thus your gas and electricity bills, and this can be done by first conducting an in-house energy audit.

With a proper home energy audit, it becomes easy to follow up on how someone is consuming his/her energy in the house, whereby it is also advisable to focus specifically on its reduction whether it is reducing heating or cooling expenses, avoiding hot water or energy hungry appliances.

Depending on where someone lives, it is possible to receive professional home power audit from various agencies such as a utility company or other government approved agency.

Alternatively the home audit electricity process can also be performed individually by purchasing a hand held power meter which its prices range from as low as $20-$40. This device can be used to evaluate on any devices’ energy consumption. However, seeking professional energy audit from experts is better because the outcomes are professional and these experts also provide you with sound technical advices which will be beneficial towards you day to day energy consumption.

Here are some of few ways of conserving your household energy consumption without incurring unnecessary expenses.

  • Incandescent bulbs should be switched to LEDs or CFLs and this should include other areas such as the garden.
  • Always turn off the lights whenever leaving a room.
  • Appliances that are not in use should be switched off and never to be left on their standby mode.
  • Make a habit of unplugging battery chargers from the socket when not in use because most of them draw electricity.
  • Individuals can also make a habit of leaving their vehicles at home for at least a day or two in a week, and walking around or using their bikes.

There are also other ways of reducing energy such as installing solar power for home use, which are likely to save money on a long term basis. But people need to begin on their home power consumption by conducting a professional power audit.

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