Top 3 Most Annoying Things About Printers

If you have at least one computer in your home or in your workspace, chances are that you will also have at least one printer. At home it might be a small inkjet or black/white laser printer and at work it might be a slightly more expensive kind that might even print in colors. Whether you are exposed to one or the other, you have most likely experienced at least one of these three things happen.

Running Out Of Toner / Ink
As obvious as it may sound, both the laser printer and the inkjet printer will require some kind of “material” to be able to put anything visible on a piece of paper. Since these toners and ink cartridges will only last a limited amount of pages, they will eventually need changing. If you are at home this will mean that YOU will have to buy that replacement BEFORE you run out (or be unable to print until a new one arrives). In the office you might have the great fortune that someone else handles all of this for you.

The reasons that a paperjam occurs are in the hundreds but a commonality is that something within the machine needs some adjustment or tuning. If you’re at work you probably have some kind of service arrangement that will handle it but at home, even the HP OfficeJet 6500 will have paper get caught and you will have to fix it yourself.

Installation Issues
For most corporate and home portable printers this is not an issue but from time to time you will find printers that for whatever reason don’t seem to function well in certain environments, with certain computers and with certain operating systems. In 95% of this cases this is not something you will experience but it happens and when it does it can be the source of a great deal of headache.

But that is it! Printers are not that troublesome and unless you are trying some obscure combination of hardware, software and network configuration, you should be just fine. So if you are reading this as a person looking for a home printer, you do not need to worry. Paperjams and toner replacements will occur from time to time, but the installation process will probably run smoothly.

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