Effective At Home Remedies For Acne Scars

Home remedies for acne are so much better than pharmaceutical medications because they are natural and they very rarely come with any ruinous side effects. Acne, a condition mainly caused by the build up of fat under the skin, can be eliminated without leaving any irritating acne scars. But the key objective of your skin rehabilitation efforts must be to stick with remedies that work for you and not to try just any good old remedies that worked for someone else. The remedies listed here are perfectly natural and they are effective as well.

The first remedy involves making a mixture of lemon syrup and rose water and applying the mixture to affected parts of the skin. Take a few fresh lemons and squeeze as much juice out of them as you can. When you have a sizable amount of lemon juice you should then look for a few rose petals in order for you to make the rose water mentioned earlier on. Boil the petals until the rose water extract has been formed and pour the extract into a small dish containing your lemon syrup. Proceed to apply this mixture in areas where the acne is and let the mixture penetrate your skin pores for 15 minutes.

A mixture of this nature is one of the most effective natural home remedies for acne because both extracts have anti-bacterial qualities that help in skin toning. The next remedy involves using a small amount of your breakfast oatmeal. Cook the oatmeal as if you were preparing breakfast and add a ΒΌ cup of honey. Allow the mixture to cool down and then start applying it over your skin. Remove the oatmeal before it dries up on your skin because it will be hard to remove later. Oatmeal absorbs oil from under the skin and honey is a natural skin toner.

Home remedies for acne might be cheap and seemingly effective but this is not the case with everyone. Rather see a dermatologist before prescribing to any natural remedies because your skin might be allergic to some of these remedies with the sad result of you developing skin rashes.

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