Finding The Right Words For Love

How do you know when you love someone truly? That may not be an easy question to answer. Both theologians and philosophers have struggled with that throughout eons and epochs. Everybody has their own answer, and if you where to take person to person polls, the answer will likely be different. Human emotion is fraught with complexity. Do people truly know what love is? For some of us, we think we may know the answer. Yet, when real love comes around, it blindsides us, seemingly coming out of nowhere. It comes to us baring the name of somebody we did not expect.

But when that happens, what sort of “love” is that exactly? Romance? Familial? Platonic? We can say that we love our sisters, our wives, and our pets in completely different ways. Sometimes, we can even say we “love” certain objects, like our computers, our cars, and our homes. It just goes to show: the word is filled with a varying degree of nuance. This is why some of the best love quotes come at the subject from different directions.

Consider poets for a second. For John Donne, love is religious. For Shakespeare, love is mysterious and sometimes frightening. For greeting card companies, it is sometimes sappy where the word “moon” rhymes with “soon,” and it often comes with a box of chocolates and a stuffed bear. If you are trying to write a love letter or a poem to somebody, sometimes on one quote fits every situation.

This is why Bartlett’s Book of Quotations is such a valuable resource. The text is a veritable dictions of valuable quotes. This Valentine’s day, it might be of invaluable assistence as you write out cards to people. This way, you can find the right quotation to describe the different types of love you feel for different people. Sometimes, saying and meaning “I love you” can be utterly difficult. It helps to have a handy resource, sometimes.

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