How Long Will A Garage Floor Coating Last

This problem is one that is constantly posed when people start to think about whether or not they are intending to use some kind of covering on the floor in their garage so as to enhance durability.  They don’t want to go to all the trouble of doing this project and then have it fail in a month or so.  This is a genuine worry since it can occur, but not if you apply the best garage floor coating for the job.

Generally, when people become interested in a concrete floor covering, they run to their local hardware store or even discount store and get something that claims it is for floors.  Moreover, they will then get a box of sand for spreading on top to better the grip when the floor is wet.  Although all seems to go well during the project, when the weather becomes hot the owner of the house begins to observe their floor paint bubbling up or when they turn the steering tires it tears the paint away because a normal paint may adhere to the floor, but it does not actually bond.

This will not occur if you have prepared the floor correctly and followed all the application directions and if you use the best epoxy garage floor paint.  The most significant thing to keep in mind with a layer of epoxy is that the floor must be completely clean which includes getting rid of any oil stains, as this will break the bonding of the epoxy to the concrete surface.  You also have to ensure that the temperature is in the right range, to be precise, neither too hot nor too cold and the surface needs to cure fully before walking or driving on it.

You will use almost two half days, such as half of Saturday and half of Sunday, to get a wonderful, secure garage floor coating if you follow these instructions

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