How To Create Newsletter Emails

There are several software programs that one can use for creating an email newsletter. First of all, one needs to be crystal clear about their newsletter format. Once you have determined which format you want to publish your newsletter in, you can move on to actually creating the newsletter. Many people who are new to newsletter publishing do not know how to create newsletter email. However, the process is in fact quite easy and straightforward.

Creating a newsletter in a text format requires us to use a text editor. There are dozens of these editors online. If you run Windows on your PC, you may not need to look for one online. Most Windows versions come with a preinstalled text editor known as Notepad. Using Notepad or any other text-editing software, you can start working on your text newsletter. Your newsletter will include only plain text as text newsletters do not support advanced formatting features such as bold-face, fonts, colors, etc.

HTML newsletters are a bit more sophisticated and advanced than text newsletters. They are typically created with an HTML editor. There are a few good and professional HTML-formatting software programs online. Some of them are free whereas others are commercial. In my humble opinion, the best free editors are Nvu and KompoZer which are very good and easy to use. You may also go for a commercial editor such as Adobe Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is in fact the best editor for formatting HTML.

To create a PDF newsletter, you will need to use a word processor and a PDF converter. First, you work out your newsletter in the word processor and then, you are going to convert it into a PDF format using your PDF converter. Sending your newsletter emails can be done with the help of a special newsletter software program know as an auto responder. Most auto responders are web-based.

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