Out With The Old, In With The New: Getting Rid Of Clutter

No house is immune to clutter.  Some people have a penchant for collecting, while others simply don’t like to part with things.  Eventually all these items build up and start to spread from their drawers, cabinets, and closets.  Clutter can make even a clean home look messy, so it’s best to avoid letting it happen in the first place.  Before you can change your habits, you’ll have to figure out how to get rid of clutter that’s currently in your home.

One of the biggest problems people report when they try to get rid of clutter is that they don’t know where to start.  It can definitely seem like an overwhelming task.  The best thing to do is just jump right in.  Choose any room of your house to start in; the amount of clutter doesn’t really matter.  You don’t necessarily have to organize the worst room first.  However, you should make a point of sticking to the room you start with until it’s done.  Trying to multitask when sorting out clutter can make things even more of a mess.

Depending on how badly the space is cluttered, you can start with one of two methods.  For a relatively clean room, simply collect all the items you know don’t belong and place them in a pile for further sorting.  Remember to check in drawers and cabinets as well.  If the room is so cluttered you can’t tell what belongs and what doesn’t, you’ll need to go through everything.  Don’t worry though, as this isn’t as bad as it sounds once you know how to sort through the items.

Find three large boxes, bags, or anything else you can use to temporarily store things that have already been sorted.  Label one of these containers “trash”, another “donate/sell”, and the final one “keep”.  You now have three basic categories to work with.  Of course, you’ll have to go through the last two categories one more time to decide what to donate, what to sell, and where to put the things you’re keeping.  Making these initial decisions can really help you learn how to organize when you are losing your mind with all the clutter build up.

Once the clutter is clean, you can start to reap the benefits.  If you have a lot of items to sell you have a chance to make some extra cash.  With more free space in your home, it will look bigger and cleaner.  The newfound openness may even inspire you to try a new decorating scheme!  Although it can be a big chore at first, figuring out how to get rid of clutter will help you enormously in the long run.

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