Several Ways to Measure Body Fat

If you want to be successful in any of your fitness training, you must know how to measure body fat first.

Before we discuss further it is important to set an expectation that how to measure body fat percentage would not be 100% accurate. That’s why it is important that you keep a note of your observation for your own references.

Aside from the Simple Body Fat Calculator that we have discussed as one way on how to measure body fat right, there are 3 other methods that can help us understand how to measure body fat fast.

First method is using the hydrostatic Underwater Weighing. This includes a tank of water where you need to be dunked into; the higher the body fat composition in your body the more that you will float in water. This can be distinguished by your breathing. The more air that goes out, the higher the impact will be.

If you want to know how to measure body fat cheap, then I’m afraid this is not the best option. Mostly, this is only done in universities.

Next is what we call a Bod Pod method. This is most similar to the first method. But instead of using air to know how to measure body fat, this one uses pressure.

A bod pod is an egg-shaped plastic chamber that a perosn should be seated into to know the body’s fat percentage.

Last is the Skinfold Testing. This one is a little different from the first 2 that’s been discussed. How to measure body fat fast using this method is through a help of calipers pinched to your skin to measure fats in┬ámillimeters.

It is great if you have a family member or a friend to assist you as you do this…

Remember that as you try any of these, you need to make sure to be keen with your observation.

Your fitness training must begin in learning where you are when it comes to your current body fat composition.

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