Information From Reputable Plumbers On How To Repair A Rocking Toilet

A toilet is designed to be solidly and steadfastly mounted on the bathroom floor. This is important because it has to support its own weight as well as the weight of its users, no matter if they are light or heavy. For this reason, a rocking or unsteady toilet should be a great cause for concern. Not only could it damage the toilet or the bathroom floor, but it can also develop a leak that can get messy. In this case, a plumber should be called in immediately to fix this problem.

Rocking looks cool on chairs but not on toilets. If your toilet starts to rock or wiggle slightly, and if there are no leaks, you may do the repair yourself. The job needs just a few simple tools which include tub and tile caulking, toilet shims, a utility knife and a sponge.

To ensure that the toilet has no leaks, check for water collecting around its base. If water is not present, you should be able to shim and fix the toilet without the need to raise it all up.

Closely examine the base of your toilet and mark the small spaces between the floor and the toilet. Even a tiny gap can bring about the problem.

Insert the shim into all the gaps to get the toilet leveled. You will want to try several various positions to get the toilet leveled and steady. If the toilet can stand the pressure from all directions without rocking, then you can go to the next step.

Use the utility knife to cut the shims as close to the toilet’s base as possible. Be careful not to damage the bathroom floor as you trim the shims. Apply new caulking around the toilet’s base. Wipe off the excess caulk with the sponge. Allow some time for the caulk to dry thoroughly. After it dries, your toilet will be steady and ready to do business.

However, if you are not sure you can do this task by yourself, it is best to leave the job to qualified experts, like the San Jose plumbers or Sacramento plumbers, to ascertain that your toilet will be secured properly on your bathroom floor.

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