How To Sell Greeting Cards Online

There are two general ways to sell greeting cards. You can sell your words or drawings to existing greeting card companies, or you can make and design cards and sell them yourself. If you have a way with words or you’re a great artist, you can make money from home trying to sell to greeting card companies directly, but there is no guarantee that they will buy your work. If learn how to sell greeting cards online, you can design and sell them on your own. You’ll have more freedom and possibly a more stable business.


Greeting cards can be cheap and sold in packs or expensive in packs or one by one. Typically, handmade crafts, such as greeting cards, can be priced higher because they are handmade. That is why it’s important to use quality ingredients and do quality work. You can put in half-hearted effort, but it will show in the cards and less people will want to buy them.


Having a business that requires selling products is a little bit difficult. You have to find buyers. For crafts, it’s important to find buyers that will come back and spread the word. You can sell your greeting cards as craft fairs, state fairs, consignment shops, and online. You can choose one venue, but the more places you set up shop, the more chances you have to sell.

What if the Cards aren’t Selling?

I don’t want to discourage you by saying most businesses fail. It could turn out that the greeting card business just isn’t for you. Before you give up, do the research necessary. Give out customer surveys. See what other greeting cards are available. Experiment with pricing. Try new designs. Learn how to run your business effectively and devise a good marketing strategy to maximize your chances for success and earnings.

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