Beauty Tips: How to Stay Acne Free

The formation or appearance of pimples and other forms of acne is one of the many things in life which you cannot seem to predict. When acne appears on your face, it can ruin your days and your nights and the most troubling aspect about these ghastly things is that they often leave permanent marks and scars. Any man or woman who is plagued by acne would not want anything but to eliminate them as early on as possible. Since you are reading this article, you for sure are troubled by an acne problem and you want to find out how you can get rid of them – right? Well, you are not going to be disappointed because in this writing you will discover simple, yet highly effective home remedies that will help you get rid of acne overnight! Read on and find out what these home solutions are.

Home Solutions #1

– Take two to three drops of fresh lemon juice, two to three drops of rosewater and a drop or two of raw honey and then mix well. Wash your face first with the use of a gentle cleanser and lots of cold water. Afterwards, immediately apply the mixture all along your acne. You can make use of a cotton swab or clean cotton cloth to apply the prepared mixture. Allow it to stay on your face overnight and then rinse your face the following morning. You are sure to be amazed of what you will see! This is deemed one of the most effective ways of getting rid of acne over night.

Home Solution #2

– Take a leaf of Aloe Vera, slit the leaf in the middle and scoop out the gel. Apply generous amounts on your pimples. This is another fantastic acne home treatment. The reason why Aloe Vera works wonders in clearing acne is because it contains anti fungal, antibacterial, anti inflammatory anti oxidants and soothing compounds.

Home Solution #3

– Get one fresh, medium sized tomato and cut it in half. Take the pulp out and then smother it all over your facial skin. Leave the pulp on your face for the rest of the night and just clean your face thoroughly the following morning. You are sure to see a great improvement in your skin condition with the use of fresh tomato pulp. What is great about tomatoes is that they not only help remove your acne, but also improves the tone of your skin. In fact, regular application of tomato pulp can also lighten up superficial acne marks and scars.

Home Solution #4

– Take about three to four teaspoons of basil leaves (dry), place them in a pot and add one cup of water. Put the flame on and bring it to a boil. Do so for about a minute or two. Afterwards, let it stand to cool a bit. There are two ways you can make use of this mixture; one is to use it to wash your facial skin with or you can also just dip a clean cloth and apply it directly over your acne, leave it over the night and simply wash it off. This is also a great way to remove acne fast and completely!

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