Whiten Teeth The Easy Way

Like any other person in this world I care about having healthy white smile. Unfortunately my teeth got yellow and the reason for this was consuming too much coffee and coca cola. Every morning for me was a start of a bad day. The look of my teeth in the mirror made my morning so grey, I was sure my smile would not appear on the face on that day.  Do you understand me? The ability to smile and give the feedback to someone who smiled at you makes me feel confident. I was tired to force a straight face when my personality wanted to smile. And I wanted know how to whiten teeth fast.

From that day each morning started with teeth brushing for about 5 minutes. Sensodyne is fine toothpaste and it prevents teeth from sensitivity. My days started with teeth brushing and ended as well with teeth brushing and I liked the sense of freshness after teeth brushing too. During the day and especially after meals chewing gum was a good option as it cleaned the teeth from food particles.

From all the options available in the teeth whitening market today I could afford only those products that are cheaper and easy to use. I opted for natural teeth whitening and the first thing that came in my mind was to create a tooth paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. During my research on the web I kept in mind that peroxide is a chemical and a small percentage should be used in order to prevent harming teeth enamel of teeth sensitivity.

After a week my teeth became whiter and my smile came back on my face. Of course I don’t have a Hollywood smile but I still receive compliments from people about my smile. This basic treatment of the teeth should be the first thing for anyone who wants some easy and affordable teeth whitening options.

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