Why I Bought Hurricane Candle Holders For My Wedding

Hurricane Candle Holders Vs. Traditional Centerpieces

Designing your table centerpieces is just one part of the job of your wedding planner. However, floral arrangements can be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding budget if you aren’t careful. One way to subsidize the costs of floral centerpieces is to accent or replace them with candle bouquets. For those that still wish to have some form of flowers on each of their tables, pillar candles is cheap hurricane candle holders are one of the easiest ways to make your wedding more affordable.

Hurricane candle holders are a type of candle holder that are designed to enhance and protect candles on the tables at large events or weddings. They come in a variety of shapes, each with a specific advantage depending on the application. For the ultimate cheap table centerpiece, a pillar candle in a simple cylindrical hurricane holder are more than adequate for enhancing the overall beauty of your tables. If you are concerned about it not being formal enough, bulb hurricane bowls add a little extra flare to piece making it suitable for black tie events. Finally, if you are having an outdoor wedding, lantern style hurricane holders can be used to protect the candle from wind and weather.

Side Benefits Of Hurricane Holders

One of the best uses of a hurricane candle holder is to fill it almost to the top with water and place floating pool candles inside to make dazzling and inexpensive floating candle centerpieces. The benefit of this design is not only the dynamic movement of the candles as they float, but also the objects you can add to the water to make it more personalized. Everything from flower petals to floating water beads can be used to make your floating centerpieces themed uniquely for your wedding colors. Considering the rising costs of floral arrangements, hurricane holders can be a budget saver.

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