Safety Feature Of Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is known for the exquisite luxury on its wheels and marvels of high technology all incorporated in one. The lavish interiors match the stylish sleek lines of the body design in expressing the luxury the car boasts of. High technology is evident in the numerous features it has provided. As you look in to its features you will be pleasantly surprised as to what all Hyundai has provided to make this a truly a luxury with functionality of SUV.

The Hyundai Santa Fe seven seater on roads has even more surprises, by not just offering staggering power and smooth ride. It does its bit for the environment by its low emissions and is easy on your purse too, with its low fuel consumption. Overall performance of the engine is commendable. Smooth ride, Dynamic drive, and quiet interiors all add to the value of this car.

A family car must give highest priority to safety of you and your loved ones and in this aspect Hyundai Santa Fe has few parallels. Though the care Hyundai has taken to ensure the passengers in this car is not apparent on just looking at the car, but the SUV is designed to withstand any eventuality. Santa Fe is providing Five Star safety technology to ensure this. The body is engineered to distribute the shock loads to minimize impact damages. Properly set airbags are provided for driver and passengers to protect from all directions including roll-over. Disc brakes are equipped with Antilock Braking system to protect in slippery roads. Silica based tires provide right grip on the road even at high cruising speeds or wet roads.

For entertainment in this 7 seater vehicle you have audio remote controlled from steering wheels . 6 Disc CD changer system, Cooler, Auxiliary, USB and MP3 ports with unlimited music access, all add to the memorable drive you can expect from this luxury seven seater Hyundai Santa Fe.

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