Choosing The Ideal Facial Hair Removal Method

Going for facial hair removal can be a very ordinary thing for a man. But when you look at it from the perspective of a woman, it suddenly assumes a more concerning prospect which would indeed require immediate attention. A symbol of masculinity for a man, facial hair can be a matter of big embarrassment for a woman. Although women don’t usually have hair on their faces, there are exceptions when women also grow facial hair due to imbalances in hormones. Nowadays, women use a number of methods to address the problem of facial hair. Most of the popular methods are usually quite cheap but don’t offer a permanent solution to the problem of hair growth.

Some of the most commonly used methods for removal of facial hair in women are: female razors, depilatory creams and waxing. Using a razor on the face is probably the crudest way of hair removal as it only succeeds in cutting hair at skin level, and the hair regrowth becomes visible in less than 24 hours. Moreover, frequent shaving of skin can also make the skin harder and can also cause irritation to women with sensitive skin. Use of a facial hair removal cream is definitely many notches better than a razor because its effects are definitely more long lasting and smoother on the skin. Now talking of waxing, it is definitely the most popular method of hair removal among women because of its longest lasting effects, lasting for nearly a fortnight. Apart from these temporary methods, the more expensive and permanent method of removing facial hair are laser hair removal and Electrolysis.

The choice of choosing an appropriate facial hair removal method ultimately lies at the discretion of the lady who wishes to undertake the treatment. Before choosing a method though, she would be better off considering important factors like sensitivity of her skin, extent of hair growth on the face, and the time and money available at her disposal. If permanent solutions seem too expensive to take, one could carry on using a hair removal cream or also choose waxing as an alternative.

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