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Most people have heard of the Inca Trail Trek, yet few people who have not been on it realize how breathtakingly beautiful it is. It is certainly well worth the couple of months of physical preparation needed in order to make the trip. Most people suggest you work your way up to being able to climb up and down stairs or hills carrying 30 pounds before you try this trail. While that may seem like a lot of work needed to get in shape for a trip, it is definitely worth doing so.Yes, it´s very important to do be fit, training for Everest base camp trek, the Aconcagua or the Inca is a must.

While the trek across the Andes mountain trail takes around four days to complete, it is definitely worth spending extra time in the city of Cusco before setting out in order to explore some of the tourist attractions there. There are many tourist locations both in and around the city that are splendid and well worth seeing.

During the course of the four days you are on the trail you will be expected to walk up and down many steps, pass through amazing tunnels and walk along stretches of paved pathways. Each night you will camp somewhere along the trail, usually at campgrounds that are located at the ruins.

Anyone traveling along the trail must take a tour guide and a porter with their group. If you happen to take an organized tour, you will find that they will provide all of your meals; thus you do not have to carry your own food, and they will usually provide tents and bedding as well. If you do not take a tour you may have to organize these supplies and items yourself.

Aside from the basics, you should pack plenty of warm clothing and rain wear. Bright sunlight can be a problem, so be sure to wear a hat and sunglasses and take plenty of sunscreen with you. Essential toiletries, medicines and first aid supplies may also be needed. Don’t forget your camera either!

The present limit is 500 passes assigned each day. Because this also includes porters and guides, you may find that the trip is heavily booked in advance. Be sure to book early and make your arrangements well in advance. It may be easier to secure a pass during the non-tourist season. Bookings can be easily made online or through a tourist agency.

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