Patterns And Colors Of Waverly Curtains

Searching for Waverly curtains on the internet or in a store will yield an overwhelming amount of color selections. Colors within colors, patterns within patterns- these choices can bewilder the mind. How does Waverly provide such as large selection? The answer stems from their extensive line of fabrics. Waverly curtains are made using Waverly’s genuine cotton fabrics, dyed and woven into any number of interesting patterns. These fabrics have a wide range of uses other than in curtains, including home embroidery projects and lamp shades. Waverly not only makes curtains for windows, but for showers and patios too.

Indoor Waverly curtains are fashioned from two separate but bonded layers of fabric. The fabric that shows on the inside of the house is pure cotton, deep in color and soft to the touch. The fabric you do not see is made from polyester mixed with cotton. The polyester serve to increase UV sunlight resistance while completely blocking out your home’s interior at night. Outdoor shades are made of only polyester because it is better suited for constant sunlight exposure. Waverly shower curtains are made with fabric on the outside and waterproof plastic on the inside, designed to reflect shower spray. Shower curtains have button hole tops which connect to plastic loops around a pole.

Rod pocket curtains are the most widely used because they offer the smoothest operation. Dozens of tiny pocket loops on the curtain top are secured to the drapery pole. When slid, the spaces between the pockets close to allow the curtain to open without restriction. Single pocket curtains are smoother in look but often require ties to hold them open. Decorative ties are attached to the walls on the left and right side of a window using brackets. The final touch for any window is to put valances on top, and Waverly offers those as well. Feel free to cut segments for upholstery projects like the creation of a zero gravity chair.

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