Inexpensive Costume Jewelry For Today’s Woman

Inexpensive costume jewelry has become synonymous with our everyday appearance. In fact, women all over the world, (and some men too!) wear costume or imitation jewelry on a regular basis. But, have you ever paused to wonder the origin of the word jewel? Its earliest origin is from the Latin word, “jocale”, which basically means a plaything – not too surprising considering how we self consciously play with our jewelry all the time!

Every teenage girl has a veritable storehouse of inexpensive costume jewelry, which she wears on a regular basis, to look beautiful. There are chains, rings, earrings, toe rings, anklets, nose pins and jewelry of every kind! But the most popular kind of jewelry by far is the ring. Every girl dreams of being given that perfect diamond engagement ring by her lover, but due to the tough times faced by us today, this isn’t always possible.

Or is it? Yes, I’m talking about moissanite engagement rings. If you want diamonds for their sparkle and shine then moissanite is probably a better option because their brilliance rivals and often supersedes that of the diamond! So what is a moissanite? These are synthetically made gemstones which you can easily purchase because they’re not so heavy on the pocket.

Moissanite engagement rings have the advantage of providing good quality and workmanship at a reasonable cost. The reason that diamonds are so expensive is their mining cost, which is absent in the case of moissanite. So where can you get your lady love her moissanite engagement rings? They are produced by Charles and Colvard and incidentally, they are the only manufacturers of this stone.

Moissanite is basically a single large crystal, which is grown in size through a thermal process – this thermal process does make it more expensive than zirconium, but the added expenditure is worth. So if you are looking for inexpensive costume jewelry or even an engagement ring at a pocket friendly price, try this alternative to diamonds, it is truly something!

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