What Yelp Tells Us About The Importance Of Internet Reputation Management

While Yelp used to be regarded as a popular and trustworthy local review website in the Bay Area, California, it is now on the forefront of questions, concerns and doubts by the public. How legit are their reviews? It used to be that anyone looking for a new restaurant, bar or hotel could depend on Yelp to provide local and unbiased reviews for businesses in the area. However, there are better known now for trying to swindle users into purchasing hefty priced advertising, or running the risk of negative reviews about their business posted on the website. Do you fight fire with fire? Is Yelp participating in blackmail? Fighting accusations, rumors and lawsuits, Yelp is on the defensive while also helping others around the world understand the importance of online reputation management.

Monitor Your Reputation Thoroughly

Whether you have personally been affected by Yelp or have experienced a similar situation, it’s important to know what rights you have. If you experience bad publicity, there are some immediate things you can do. First, it can help your situation significantly to reach out to people in the media-ie, bloggers, journalists, the newspaper, and social media outlets that offer a way for you to get your message out to as many people as possible. If you have been affected by online defamation, the chances are that others have too, so take action. Consider developing a personal blog that allows you to create an ongoing dialogue with your customers. This way when problems arise you have the opportunity to address the issue to the person directly, instead of letting the issues fester.

Take Action Quickly

Anyone’s reputation has the ability to diminish quickly due to the speed of communication the internet gives us. That’s where using the internet will come in handy when your reputation is damaged, by social media websites, personal and business blogs and SEO campaigns. By proactively using internet reputation management, you can keep you business in good standing, no matter what obstacles come in your way.

One thought on “What Yelp Tells Us About The Importance Of Internet Reputation Management

  1. Yelp allows all to sign in and bash businesses but the legitimate, good reviews are filtered out. Then when you try to remove your listing, they refuse claiming that it’s public property. From the enormous number of complaints out there, it’s obvious that I’m not alone in dealing with Yelp’s shady business policies.

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