Two Inventions That Changed The World Forever

The most important contribution of an inventor or scientist is generally measured by the way in which his or her novel innovation affects society. Ever since the beginning of civilization man’s creative nature and his imagination helped to produce the tools that bring convenience and comfort to life. A comprehensive list of inventions that changed the world would be extraordinarily long given that each new invention has impacted society in some way. This article will present two of the world’s most ubiquitous inventions that are currently being used the world over.

The Internet

Since the invention of the telephone nothing has provided people with more convenience than the internet. As countries enjoyed greater levels of development and growth transmitting a message through the single line that telephones provide was simply no longer sufficient. To meet this increased need for improvements in electronic telecommunication the internet was released for public use.

When learning who invented the internet most are surprised to discover that no one particular individual is entirely responsible for this innovation. It is the brainchild of many brilliant individuals who worked together to improve communication technology. Thus knowing who invented the internet means knowing the key individuals who made major contributions towards the development of the internet such as the HTML developer Tim Berners-Lee and Leonard Kleinrock who invented the idea of large networks for communication. Berners-Lee also created the World Wide Web which is essentially a large informational network that connects people across the world.

Machines That Compute

Without the invention of the personal computer the internet would essentially be useless. Some of the earliest computing machines even those as basic as the calculator helped to foster the notion of computers which are now so powerful that they have become a part of all of mankind’s endeavors.

To conclude the inventions that changed the world are those that have been able to transcend human boundaries. These innovations have made human comfort and convenience possible.

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