Economy In Chile Best Of Most Countries

Chile is one of the nicest places on Earth. It sports geysers, archeological cities, plenty of history and a lot of bird watching. This is a great place to vacation to at almost any time of year. To make it even nicer this country has built a strong economy in spite of their 8.8 magnitude earth quake in February of 2010. They have had a strong growth since the inception of Patricio Aylwin who took over from military rule in 1990.

This beautiful country has a high level of foreign trade which includes a third of their GNP in copper and abut ¾ of their economy being from the export of commodities. This makes them a great place to do business with. Their leaders are very proud of the financial growth and independence they have achieved and so are the people native to this beautiful land. This financial growth has caused many investors to look at a Chile ETF or exchange traded fund as a means of investment. The site leveraged etf writes:

“There are several indicators that suggest that Chile has the infrastructure and business climate to become a real player. Overall, economic activity in the country is up 6.6% since last year. Even an earthquake in February has produced a boom in the reconstruction market, recouping initial drop offs and then some.”

They have regional or bilateral trade agreements with abut 57 countries. Not all are free trade but they work well for all the parties involved. Some of the countries that have become part of this spectacularly managed financial state are Mexico, South Korea, India, China and the European Union. The United States signed a free trade agreement with them in 2004 which helped both countries out in the way of those food stuffs that are so needed.

Even in 2009 when the global economy hit a major slump Chile maintained a steady Chile economy. They only allow deficit spending during years that copper prices have gone down considerably which keeps them in the black. This is a place most places wish they could be. The size of the country is not the deciding factor of their economic growth either. They have put into place several policies that do not allow any fluctuation in how they are handled. This is what keeps them so well even when disaster strikes.

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