TrendyDigital iPad Waterproof Case Review

The iPad has really changed the way we access the Internet and digital content. Its design and form factor is best suited to be brought along with you easily. Although it is easy to bring the iPad anywhere, you might have a problem bringing it in certain environments such as the beach or pool where water is present or in industrial areas where dust is present.

To protect your iPad from water or even dust damage what you need to use is an iPad beach cover. One of the best models available in the market today is the TrendyDigital PadShield Element. TrendyDigital is a company that specializes in creating protective gear for various gadgets and devices and the PadShield Element is one of their accessories that can help protect your iPad.

What makes this iPad waterproof case excellent to use is that it can still maintain the functionality of the iPad even when inside the case. This means that you can still navigate the touch screen, launch some apps and use it like you normally do. The only difference this time is that you can now use your iPad in the beach or in dusty environments without you worrying about it getting damaged. Even if you drop your iPad in a puddle of water you can be assured that it will still be functional.

The PadShield Element is actually a combination of three protective elements all rolled into one. It is a protective screen which prevents your screen from getting any scratches. It’s also a water resistant case which effectively seals your device and prevents water from sipping in. Finally it is a protective pouch that protects your device from shocks.

The PadShield Element is designed to fit your iPad nicely and is a must have accessory if you want to maintain the new appearance of your iPad. There are two openings in this waterproof iPad case. The top sliding opening is where you insert the device while the bottom opening provides you access to the ports of your iPad. Both openings are then further sealed with a Velcro so you can easily open or close it.

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