What Exactly Do Jobst Support Stockings Do?

When a patient’s blood circulation in their lower legs is impaired, whether due to having recently undergone surgery or having some other condition, a frequent recommendation by doctors is Jobst support wear. Since their primary function is to apply compression to the legs as a form of support, when you wear them, they are going to feel very tight. They are so good at their job because of that compression, but many people find it uncomfortable. So, why is Jobst medical legwear so good at its job?

Again, it is the pressure applied to the legs by the compression garments that makes them effective. The fabric of the socks is made up of a combination of regular cotton or other cloth material, along with an elastic substance, usually synthetic spandex. Jobst medical compression stockings have varying levels of compression, with the highest level of compression at the ankle and the lowest level of compression at the top. This is described as graduated compression.

The main benefit you find from using Jobst support stockings or compression socks for men is that they support the walls of the blood vessels. The benefits to the additional support also include a reduction in fluid pooling in the lower legs because the legs will have an easier time pumping it back out. Open ulcers, blood clots, tissue breakdown, and worse can result if this sort of fluid buildup is allowed to progress untreated for too long of a period. When you wear compression socks, the compression helps your body re-absorb the fluid so that it returns to the body. This should also help to reduce the pain and swelling in the legs.

Compression hosiery such as Jobst medical legwear is an effective treatment for lower leg circulation problems, which can result in pain and swelling. If you are showing any of the signs of impaired blood circulation, be sure to speak with your doctor.

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