How To Choose The Best Juice Maker Machines

Be sure to purchase the right juicer for the needs of your family by being an informed consumer. Juicers are named according to the methods used to produce juice. You can choose from a Triturating (twin gear), Centrifugal, Citrus or Masticating juicer. A centrifugal style juicer grinds the food first and then uses spiral rotation at a very high speed to strain the juice and then extract the pulp.

Citrus juice makers are generally only useful for making small amounts of juice such as orange or grapefruit juice. Centrifugal juice makers are typically the fastest juice processors and the easiest to clean, however you will lose some quality of the juice in exchange for these conveniences. A triturating (twin gear) type juicer uses a crush and press method at a much slower processing speed. Most commercial juice companies use this type of juice processing. The slower the processing speed the better the quality of the juice and less oxidation that occurs which means the juice can be stored for longer. A masticating style juicer is a single gear machine that breaks and chews fibers and cells using a corkscrew rotation. This process is slower than the centrifugal process but a little faster than the triturating method.

Although masticating juicers are heavy, they do come with convenient handles. Centrifugal juice maker machines are the least versatile when it comes to the type of foods they process and they do not do wheat grass juice well. Most triturating and masticating juicers will make other things such as baby food, nut butters, ice cream and even wheat grass juice in addition to fruit and vegetable juices, making them the best juicer in the eyes of many people. Some triturating juice makers will even do pasta with the use of an attachment. You can be a better informed consumer by paying attention to all of these different qualities of juicers in order to choose the best juicer for your needs.

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