Juicing Recipes For You And Me

During warm months it is always nice to have a glass of ice cold juice. Now that the weather is a little too warm, this is the best time to buy a juicer and start making yourself and your family a glass of fresh and healthy juice. If you do not have one yet, you should buy juicer now. It will not break the bank because there are entry level juicers which are quite economical. Once you have a juicer you can get all the goodness and benefits of juicing. There are hundreds of free juicing recipes which you can find online.

There are juicing recipes especially made for people who want to lose weight. There are juicing recipes made for people who want to cleanse their body and colon of toxins. There are juicing recipes for people who want to clear their skin of impurities and there are juicing recipes for other purposes.

If you are thinking that drinking a glass of freshly made juice is the same a reaching for a pack of packaged juice, think again. Packaged juice is full of artificial sugar and it also has chemicals. Fresh is always the better choice. You should drink your juice not longer than 20 minutes after making them. Of course, you can store juice in your fridge but the longer they sit there, the more nutrients they lose. Sip the juice slowly so that the enzymes in your saliva will digest the carbohydrates in the juice. Below is a very good juicing recipe.

Orange Carrot

  • 2 large fresh oranges, peeled
  • 8 large fresh carrots, cleaned

All you need to do is use an electric juice extractor. Just press the carrots and oranges to get the juice and whisk to combine the ingredients. The oranges will add sweetness to the carrot juice.

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