Becoming A Ninja Warrior – Katana Sword

When I was a little boy a long long time ago, I always dreamed of wielding a ninja sword. I wanted to be an infamous ninja warrior. That was my dream and still is to some extent. Knowing the history of the ninja, I have developed quite the ninja gear portfolio if I do say so myself. I’ve found ninja swords, ninja gear, ninja masks, ninja stars and other ninja items to put together my dream of becoming that ninja warrior.

Learning to use the ninjato, or ninja sword, was first on my list. Gripping that masterful weapon was an amazing feeling and one I won’t soon forget. The sword became one with me and I with the katana sword. That was a major step in becoming the ninja I always thought I could be. Swing here and thrust there, this was the life of my ninja assassin.

Being a ninja is not all about the weaponry or the gear. You have to be agile, nimble, quiet, alert and an all matter of things to pull it off. I began to run several times a week. I also tried to perfect my balance by using the beams at the local park and looking up smoke bomb instructions to disappear into. I was taking this thing seriously and there was no stopping me.

Becoming a ninja did not come without its consequences or road blocks. My family didn’t believe I had what it took. They thought I had lost my mind, taken drugs, or had a brain tumor. Either way, the feeling I had when I pulled that ninja mask over my head was priceless. Throwing my ninja stars, swinging my ninja sword, pulling on my grappling hook. I became a ninja warrior with some homemade tips and a will to be what I wanted to be.

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