Keurig B60 Review – Best Coffee Maker

Hi all and welcome to this Keurig B60 review. Once you have completed reading this short review, I would like for you all to have a much better understanding of the coffee maker and be able to make an informed decision as to whether this is the coffee machine for you or if you might be better suited looking elsewhere.

The Keurig B60 is probably one of my favorite coffee makers. I don’t say that lightly either, there this machine really does have some features that are not found on many other machines, and on the other machines that do have similar functions the price is typically a lot higher.

The key thing I like about the Keurig B60 over say the Senseo or Tassimo machines is the huge range of pods they have available. I mean there are literally hundreds of different blends of coffees on offer. Keurig have brought a lot of gourmet coffee manufacturers in to the fray and they have definitely come up trumps, for more information on the different blends available head over to Keurig’s website.

The speed that this thing produces coffee with is second only to the coffee gods that are Bunn, I would say if speed coffee is your thing then you might want to look at a Bunn, which can brew anywhere up to a 12-cup pot of coffee in just 3 minutes. This machine however almost keep pace with though, and at a full cup of coffee in just 30 seconds (straight in the cup as well), I can’t see many people not being satisfied with the speed.

Some negatives on this unit might include a loud pump noise, and while I won’t deny it could be a little quieter, the noise is really nothing to write home about, you are definitely not going to be waking the house up (unless you have the coffee maker in the same room as you sleep, which I’m going to assume most people don’t).

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