Kindle 3 Vs Color Kindle Discussion

The Kindle 3 best price can be found on the Amazon website. The cheapest model that is available at the moment is the 6″ Wi-Fi only reader. This is a pretty cool gadget and as long as you have a wireless network in your home or office, you should have no trouble downloading books to your device. If the worst comes to the worse, you can always just connect the Kindle reader to your computer via the USB cable.

At some stage in the future you may be keen to get your hands on a color Kindle device. This is not just a possibility but a probability. The truth is that at the moment, in the 3rd generation Kindle the E Ink Pearl screen is used. This can display black, white and shades of gray. But the fact of the matter is that in 2010, the company that makes this display came out with a color version. This new style of Electronic Paper Display is called E Ink Triton.

So we simply have to wait and see when Amazon will decide to incorporate this technology into their Kindle reader. Since it is now available and customers are talking about the possibility and their desire for a color Kindle on internet forums and so on, it seems a logical step forward for Amazon to use this new display type at some stage in the future.

This may be in the Kindle 4, or perhaps not. Amazon always like the Kindle to be a perfect device. So unless they are happy with the way that the color display functions, they will probably not include it.

What we have to remember though is the fact that this color Electronic Paper Display uses the same non-back lit technology as the current black and white screen. So even though it is in color, we would be able to read it perfectly under direct sunlight.

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