Everybody’s Talking About Kindle 4

The talk of the town isn’t just about fashion these days because amazingly, people are actually talking about the rumor that has started regarding Amazon’s up and coming Kindle 4.  Although it hasn’t been a year yet since Kindle 3 was released, people have speculated that Amazon will soon enough reveal to the rest of the world their new e-book reading device. As secretive as Amazon is, nobody really knows as to the truthfulness of the rumor so we’ve guessed that it will stay as that unless a miracle of its confirmation will take place.

A lot of people are already dreaming and wondering as to what Kindle 4 may look like and what perks will it come with. For many who have become acquainted with the famous tablet PCs of today, they are wishing for their favorite techy paperback for it to be in touchscreen interface. Also, many want to have screens that are already in color. It is likely to be possible though because if you can remember it, just last year, the news about Amazon’s purchase of a small New York based company called TouchCo had left everybody with the thought that Kindle 3, which wasn’t released at that time yet, could already be in touchscreen. Many were surprised that it wasn’t but Amazon was able to claim redemption with the top of the line features that the latest Kindle to date has. On the other hand, with regards to the color screen technology, the company behind eInk Kindle screens has already released a press statement that they were able to device a screen that is in color and great for reading at the same time. They also added that they made sure that the screen wouldn’t compromise battery life. Seems like those are signs that the Kindle 4 will indeed feature the perks that tablet PCs these days have. A little more of waiting and soon, we might just have Kindle 4 with our bare hands.

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