Kindle Can Store 3500 Electronic Books

Although some people would say that technological advances are absolutely brilliant, others will say we lose a lot of things as well. One argument would be that although a Kindle can store 3500 electronic books [ebooks] it can go four weeks without recharging the batteries, it’s as thin as a pencil and smaller than a paper back, but it doesn’t smell like a book. My wife loves books and she will spend hours looking around garage sales for old books, especially old leather-bound books. And it has to be said they do look impressive set out in a nice book case in the study. The other argument of course will be when you are off on your holidays, once you have packed up your reading material that you need while lying on the beach, you have exceeding your baggage allowance and you haven’t even packed any clothes.

The answer I suppose is that there has too be room for the old as well as the new; you just have to keep both in the right place. Who would have thought a few hundred years ago as the first printing presses were churning out there books that we would end up with electronic books? And how will we be reading books in the future. Not going too far into the future, we are all eagerly waiting for, and anticipating what delights will come with the next generation Kindle. Presumably this will be called the Kindle 4, my guess will be touch screen technology, this will allow us to do away with the keypad, and either giving us a larger screen or a smaller gadget to fit into our pocket. Another possibility will be a Kindle with a color display, this could also be an interesting prospect, and this could add another dimension to bedtime stories for our children. But I suppose as our children get excited with anticipation at the prospect of what father Christmas will bring them, we will have too wait with the same anticipation on what the Kindle 4 will bring us.

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