Know The Differences Between Laptops And Mini Laptops

The world has come very close in this era of internet. You can contact to your friend anywhere in the world. The residential phones are become mobile. Similarly, the desktops are replaced by the mobile laptops. The technology has turned miles a way. The further step of this technology is the miniatures of laptops that are mini laptops. The mini laptops are also known as a mini notebook. The size of laptop is reduced so considerably that know some of mini notebook are also called net book.

In this article, we will see the differences in laptops and mini laptops. Nowadays, the features of mini laptops are almost same as that of laptops. Hence the notebook and laptop are now interchangeable terms. But still there are some differences in mini laptops and normal laptops.

  • Naturally the first difference is the size. The size of 15 inches and above is generally referred as laptop. The sizes below 15 inches are known as mini laptops or notebooks. The laptops of size below 10 inches to 7 inches are known as net books.
  • The second difference lies in the screen size. The screen size of laptop is large than notebook and is comfortable for watching movies, opening multiple applications, graphical designs etc. The screen size of mini laptop is small than that of laptop. But it depends on its size. Generally up to 10 inches size is suitable for many users.
  • The third difference is in memory sizes. The laptop comes with comfortable size of RAM and Hard disk. The mini notebooks have 1GB of RAM which may be not enough for running heavier applications and lowers down the speed. But now you can upgrade the ROM by additional chip.
  • Another difference is the battery life. Here mini laptop has an edge over laptops. The battery life of laptop is poor with compared to notebooks. The large screen consumes more power. The notebooks can last about 8 hours on a single charge.

Still, many users prefer mini notebooks for their portability and lightweight. Also, they support almost all the needs of the users, except where it needs large screen size. Hence, mini notebooks are becoming more and more popular.

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