Laser Hair Removal Training for a New Career

In the past handful of years, many people have found themselves out of work.  The economy struggled and unemployment rose and is still very high with many still looking for work. For some people, their jobs were eliminated and they have found it almost impossible to find another job in the same field.  Now is the time to evaluate options.

One of the industries that is seeing growth and has not seen a slowdown in employment is the medical field. A course that does not require years of training but yet allows you to get your foot in the door of the medical field is laser hair removal certification.  Learning how to handle laser for the purpose of working in a medical spa or skin clinic requires just a couple weeks of classes. The training is specific to hair removal and would not allow you to perform other laser procedures such as acne laser surgery treatment or tattoo removal.

These courses usually include training on the business portion of the profession.  This should give you some idea of what it would take to open up your laser hair removal clinic.

Permanent hair removal medical offices are loosely regulated at the state level. A number of states only require that a physician take responsibility for the procedures performed in their clinic.  This means that the actual procedure is performed by a trained technician and the doctor does not even have to be in the building at the time.  Another group of states follow FDA guidelines which state that the actual procedure can be performed by a trained technician as long as a physician is available and observing the procedure.

These state regulations provides an opportunity for laser technicians to procure a profitable career that will be in high demand as the medical profession expands its use of lasers.

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