5 Ideas For Last Minute Wedding Venues

Brides and their mothers are generally anal about weddings and plan them in advance. Most little girls have their weddings all planned out by the time they’re eight years old. But every once in a while, last minute wedding venues are necessary. It could be that a freak storm blew the roof off the hall that you booked, or maybe you’ve got a sudden job offer and you’d like to hold your wedding before you leave. It may even be that the bride or groom is in the military and has just received orders.

In such a situation, you’re likely to settle for a small wedding, since there isn’t enough time for all your friends and relatives to arrive. If you have a small group, you could simply have the wedding at home. The reception can be a basic affair where you have food and cake, since there isn’t really enough room for something elaborate.

You could take the ceremony outside if you live in a quiet street, if your neighbors are agreeable, and if you don’t get much traffic. The ceremony could be held in the neighborhood playground, or you could simply cordon off a section of the road for a few hours, but only if you live in a low traffic area or a cul de sac.

Public areas like beaches and parks are also good for last minute weddings. They generally have good ambiance, and you can invite as many people as can make it. You may have to check with local authorities, to make sure you’re not breaking any regulations. You may also be required to pay a nominal fee for a park wedding.

If you’re holding a midweek wedding, you might be able to hire a restaurant at short notice. If the ceremony is on a Tuesday or Thursday, the restaurant will be glad for the extra business. You might even get an off peak discount.

One of the most popular last minute wedding venues is Vegas. It’s popular for shotgun weddings, but it can also be useful if you have a fast car, lots of fuel, and the energy to drive to Nevada with a few friends and say I do.

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