Leather And Canvas Rucksacks – The Perfect Option For Travelers

The rucksack is the traveler’s version of a backpack.  They are very helpful during long commutes, as they can store many things at one time.  In addition, since they hang off your shoulders, you will experience no stress on your back.  It does not matter what you are doing.  Whether you are climbing up stairs or the side of a mountain, rucksacks will not cause you any discomfort.

Canvas rucksacks are particularly useful for carrying heavy loads.  Using the same “canvas” materials found in tents and sheds, these rucksacks are extremely durable.  They can handle virtually any type of traveling situation, whether you are running through a bustling airport, or camping outside.  However, keep in mind that if you do the latter, you might have problems during heavy rains.  This is because most of them are not waterproof.   Even the wax-coated versions only last for so long in the rain, as the coating eventually erodes.

As far as style, rucksacks can be very fashionable.  Canvas rucksacks have their own elegant look, while the leather rucksack looks more contemporary.   In fact, the leather rucksack is so stylish; you might want to use it while going to work.  No one will realize that you are carrying a traveler’s backpack.  You might even get complimented on how cool your bag looks.   It does not even matter who hangs out at your office, as leather rucksacks appeal to people of all ages and genders.  A person who is 20 years old would be just as impressed as an individual who is 50.

Finally, there is the issue of cost.  Canvas rucksacks are significantly cheaper than their leather counterparts.  In general, expect to pay less than $30 for your canvas bag.  Leather canvas bags will cost ten times more, unless you cut corners.  Specifically, this means buying from auction sites and/or from brands that are lesser known.

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