Life Experience Degree

To achieve a promotion to a leadership position at an executive level one must almost always have a college degree career knowledge, and experience and skills. Even with more than ten years in the field, most people reach a glass ceiling unless they have a diploma. Returning to school to acquire a diploma can be inconvenient, especially if one has additional responsibilities in his or her personal life, such as taking care of a family. In this case, the best option may be a life experience degree. However, not every degree is the same, and certain degrees will do little or no good to help one advance on his or her job. It is essential that one locate an accredited learning institution before any money is spent on what may end up to be a worthless piece of paper.

Online degree programs are sometimes referred to as diploma mills. However, they are not all shady enterprises. The primary indicator that the school may not be a good choice is a lack of accreditation. Even if an institution makes a claim, the information should be verified through the Unites States Department of Education.

The next red flag is an institution that offers degrees without requiring any effort on the part of the student. If a student declares that he or she is an expert in a particular discipline, with sixty credits from another college or school, yet the online school does not require proof of this, it is most likely a worthless program. Similarly, earning a bachelor’s degree in less than a month is not a realistic goal, and legitimate schools would not offer such a program.

Unfortunately, institutions that are more interested in profiting than helping one reach his or her academic goals are all over the internet. A reputable school will require proof of work history as well as past credits earned at another establishment. This includes documented successes, awards, professional certifications and achievements. Such requirements will be specifically stated on their website, as well as reasonable estimations regarding how long it will take to earn the degree.

Employers have a tendency to disregard empty degrees, because they do not show the years of success, achievements, and hard work a person have, in reality, experienced. Most employers will have their human resources department conduct a background check on any individuals who are being considered for a promotion. A worthless diploma will not help one to obtain a promotion, but will most likely work against him or her in the long run. It is for this reason one should only choose an accredited school through which to obtain a degree.

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