Little Tikes Cube Slide – Happiness Defined for the Kid and His Parents

Kids are naturally playful. That is why it takes a great deal of effort for parents to meet their child’s fun through a play set while upholding the actual worth of their money at the same time. Since most play sets are relatively expensive, parents are influenced to purchase basic ones before buying more complex and expensive sets. But with play sets like the Little Tikes cube slide, parents are given the choice to invest in an affordable play set while at the same time meeting the kind of fun their child deserves.

To note, the set is very easy to construct as it has few number of pieces to build together. One might need the help of others in building though as the pieces are large and heavy. But because of their size and weight, the play set becomes a very secure and sturdy place for children to play. The playset is also designed for more than one child’s play. And still, adult supervision is a must while playing to prevent any form of accident. The Little Tikes country cottage is another great play set by Little Tikes.

The play set’s height is set at three feet which makes it very appropriate for the use of toddlers who are still learning basic body movements. Babies as young as one year of age can also play with the set when given prime supervision. The set is so safe to play with as children can climb up and slide down without you having to worry for anything like them bumping. There are also little holes on the upper part of the set such that babies can play peek-a-boo with their parents. And on the bottom part of the set, there are bigger holes which make older children crawl through them. The Little Tikes cube slide is specifically designed for children aged two to four.

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