You Really Can Locate A Cell Phone With Your Computer

A lot of people still don’t know that their cell phone can be used like a GPS tracking device. Since the year 2009, the number has lessened thanks to the cell phone tracker known as Google Latitude. It is a free cell phone locator service that was launched by Google. It is quite similar to a large social networking platform. The site uses the GPS receiver to help our friends and family members track us and other people who they wish to.

It is a great idea. Facebook and MySpace have already laid down the marker for it with their success in the recent years. Twitter has followed their path and has surprised one and all with its success. Not many anticipated such a story for Twitter given that all the site did was letting your friends know what you were up to at different times of the day. These simple tweets caught everybody’s fascination and the site grew to be quite huge.

Observing this, Google rightly predicted that a social networking site showing our location would interest other people. It caught up fantastically well with a lot of users. If you wish to use this service, all you need to do is install Google Latitude on your cell phone. Once your friends and family members also add the feature to their cell phone, you can have fun tracking each other on a map on your cell phone using this application.

You can find numerous uses for this application. Locate a cell phone belonging to your friends, family members and business associates using this application. As this service is made available for free, all you require is a compatible cell phone. The list of the names of the phones that allow this service to work is given on the Google Latitude website.

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