Logitech Harmony – Gained Me An Audience With The Pope

My Logitech Harmony One remote gained me an audience with the Pope. This is truly an inspiriting story about how a universal electronic device allowed me to come face to face with the Holy Father himself. I wouldn’t recommend trying this yourself, but every aspect of this story is 100 percent true.

Last year my home had undergone the unfortunate event that nearly cost my daughter her life. Sometime during the middle of the day the house caught on fire. We still aren’t sure exactly how the fire started, but we do now know if I hadn’t been home the entire home would have been destroyed. My daughter was just a new born baby at the time and she was laying in her crib in the living room. The fire had quickly erupted into a giant blaze and I was stuck in our home theater room. Through the smoke I saw that my daughter was in danger. Her crib was placed right next to the fish aquarium and I knew I had a chance to save her.

I grabbed my Logitech Harmony One remote and flung it through the fire and smoke which directly hit the center of the aquarium. The sides began to crack but it wasn’t enough. The only thing I had left was an old copy of the bible. I took a deep breath and threw it across the room. It luckily hit the same spot which caused the water to rush out into my daughters crib. It bought me just enough time to get over and save her without getting too hot. I wrote a letter to the Vatican to explain what had happened. The Pope demanded a meeting to hear the details of my story in person. He was inches away from declaring it an all out miracle but was sidetracked. It must have been lost in the shuffle and I never heard from them again. The Logitech Harmony One literally saved my daughter’s life and created a chance meeting with the Pope.

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