Perfume Review: Lust For Women By Sex In The City

This fragrance was launched around 2006, and apparently has no relation with the popular American TV series, although the marketing strategy is quite clear in this case. All the perfumes in this line have the same tight-fitting bottle topped by a cap with a futuristic design and names like Lust, Love, Kiss or Sexy.

The opening is soft, with the main note being praline with undefined neutral fruits. There is also a tendency towards earthy notes, similar to the ones in CH by Carolina Herrera, with a soft trace of light vanilla. In the middle notes this earthy praline is still dominant, but vanilla grows more intense, accompanied by soft florals that remind of 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden. After about one hour, the gourmand style of this fragrance has fully developed with candy-floss sweetness, and a memory of Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler. After a couple of minutes, there is an evolution towards ripe and dense fruits, but still within a very soft framework with a short trail. After three hours, florals are more intense, and three hours later they tend to disappear again, and praline is on the foreground again. In the end, the aroma feels mainly soft and sugary, with a dry vanilla to complement the sugar.

Although the name “Lust” suggests an extremely sensual fragrance, suitable for women with a sexy and open personality, the overall result is not very extroverted. Although it lacks of the mystery (the main ingredient of seduction) of other fragrances like Opium perfume, it is nonetheless, a quite pleasant perfume, suitable for any season of the year and (again, in spite of its name), for a work environment. On the romantic side you can honestly find better (again the aforementioned Opium and Angel would be a better choice if you are not under 30). The ideal age to wear it starts at 20 and goes until 60.

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