Magnetic Therapy And Your Health

If you suffer from low energy levels, you might find this proposition fascinating: maybe you need magnets?

Not to be confused with a bulky electromagnetic therapy machine that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, I’m talking a simple bracelet you wear around your arm or leg that can work magic all day long while you go about your day.

Can such a claim really be true?

What People Say Who Use It

While scientists are in disagreement over how it works, the people who use it aren’t in disagreement that it works. People wearing magnetic devices for health have noted the following about themselves after wearing the bracelets:

Feeling better. There’s a general mood elevation associated with these magnets. Something about them makes you feel better. Some suspect that magnets have a detoxification effect on the blood and allow the body to dispose of toxins quicker than normal. If you believe that emotions can stay inside the body as muscle tension, then it makes sense that magnets can release deepset emotions hidden inside the body.

Improved energy levels. One of the most common claims is also the most simple: that wearing a magnet gives you more energy. It’s not understood how this works but many suspect it’s because magnets improve your blood circulation, thus giving you a nice energy boost whenever you’re wearing it.

Recover Time Improved. If you’re sick or maybe sprained a muscle, many people claim that magnets will speed up the bodies ability to naturally heal itself. This is one of the most amazing claims you’ll find – and also one of the most controversial.

What Do You Think?
What’s needed is not more tests but more people to come forward and explain how magnets have helped them. Do you have personal experience with magnetic therapy and if so, would you be willing to share your story in the comments for the benefit of everyone interested in this fascinating alternative health therapy?

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