Mahjong Tables: The Different Types Of Tables Available

Every player is different and so are his needs. Hence, the Mahjong table will also be different to suit different needs. In order to enjoy a perfect game of Mahjong you will also have to have the perfect pregame setup.

Different Mahjong tables are available to cater to the different markets. The most popular tables are:

– Standard Mahjong Tables: These are either wooden or plastic Mahjong tables and are used to play family games. This is very commonly used and is quite popular and comes in standard sizes of about 34”.

– Foldable Mahjong Tables: These are also very popular as they offer easy storage as they can be folded and it is portable as well. This helps in saving time and space and offers a lot of convenience as it can be shifted to the venue (where the game is being played) with ease. This can almost be folded to the size of a briefcase.

– Automatic Shuffle Mahjong Tables: This is especially for those that want the pregame setup to be quick and efficient. The shuffling of the tiles is done automatically by the electronic belt that is found underneath the table. After the shuffling is done these tiles are distributed wherever necessary. The sensors in the Mahjong tables do the job with perfection as they can detect movements of the tiles. The CPU will help in giving directions as to where the tiles need to go. After distribution of tiles, there will be a beep to indicate that the tiles are ready for the game to begin. All this is done while a game is on and this saves plenty of time and these tables are the most expensive.

– Mini Mahjong Tables: These are good to be given as gifts or souvenirs as they look really cute and are not meant for playing real games. Free Mahjong games can be played online.

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