You Can Make Custom Lanyards for Any Need

Where are those darn keys? Have you ever hunted through your bag or pocket trying to find that little set of keys, only to find you just didn’t see or feel it because it was just too small? Well attaching something to it usually helps. The more unique the shape of the item attached, the easier it will be to find the keys. Custom lanyards would very well for this as they can be made in many shapes and sizes.

Learning how to make lanyards is not difficult, and does not take much time to learn the basic pattern. Once you have learned the basic 4 lace, side to side, and over and under pattern, then you can move on to larger and more complex lanyards. Some of them can be larger rectangle lanyards, some can be round, and some can even be made into shapes such as circles (as in a bracelet) or hearts.

The materials used to make lanyards are usually either flat narrow leather or flat narrow plastic strips. The leather can come in a wide range of solid colors, but the plastic not only comes in solid colors but can also come in clear colors, glitter colors, striped, and many more.

The supplies for making your lanyards can be found at many crafts stores. If you do not find what you want there you can also go on line. There you will find not only the supplies, but some good books on the subject as well. If you do not find just the pattern you want, you can also go to your local library and find many good instructional books on lanyards.

The beginning end of the lanyard is usually wrapped around a key ring of some kind. This is done for two reasons the first is so that you have something to anchor the strips to, the second is so you have something to put the keys on when you are done. It is difficult to work the key ring into the lanyard without breaking it after you have started.

The pattern for the lanyard is a basic weaving pattern, only smaller because of fewer “strings”. It is recommended that different colors are used for each string, at least in the beginning, so one can tell which one goes where, and does not cross them.

What type of custom lanyards you choose to make is up to you, have fun while you are making them, and the person you give them to will enjoy them.

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