Get Your Blog Making Money – Get Your Readers Excited About Your Blog

If you must get your blog making money, you can really help things by getting your readers excited about your blog.  You want your blog to “stand out in the crowd” so your readers will want to stop by more often.  This kind of repeat traffic will help your blog in a big way.  I will share with you some of my top tips on how to get your readers “pumped up” about your blog:

1.  Share your stories —  If you really want to make money from blogs, you should be prepared to open up and share some of your stories.  The more you can integrate your personal stories in your posts, the more you will connect with your readership.  Everyone loves to read stories, and your readers will really like to hear your stories in your chosen niche.

2.  Focus on “how to” posts —  If you teach your readers “how to do something”, they will always come back for more.  You want to do your best to keep your teaching and training focused within your niche.  Your readers will enjoy learning from you, and will share your teachings with their friends and family.  This kind of referral traffic can really help your blog grow.

3.  Help individuals and get testimonials —  When you can help individuals and get testimonials from them, you are really hitting a “home run”.  When your readers find out that you are willing to help them on a personal basis, this will really help your blog’s stock.  You will have more people reaching out to you and you will be able to help more people.  The more people you help, the more income you will make in the long run.

You want to get your readers excited about coming to your blog and seeing what you have to say.  The more of this kind of excitement you can generate, as this type of reader will share your site with other people that they know.

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