How To Make Your Own Storage Bins

With Christmas just around the corner and Black Friday Specials having just ended, a lot of people still haven’t decided on what gifts to give their friends and loved ones this coming season. Nothing tops practical gifts that people can actually use. Storage bins are thoughtful gifts for everyone. And why not? Everybody needs some space or containers to store things. From chocolates to clothes and to shoes, there are stylish storage cubes and boxes available for everyone.

If you have a really small budget for your gifts then do not despair since you can even create your own colorful storage bins that you can give to your intended recipients. You can be as creative as you want. These are some of the materials that you will need to create your own closet storage solutions:

1. Illustration board (you will need 6 ¼ size board to make one box)
2. Heavy duty glue or Elmer’s glue
3. Colorful wrapping materials
4. Plastic wrapper
5. Water cellophane
6. Ribbons
7. Scissors
8. Tie or yarn
9. Art paper
10. Thumb tacks
11. Buttons
12. Scotch tape


1. Glue four ¼ illustration board to the ends of another board to form a box without a lid.
2. Cover them with your wrapping materials. You could try different wrapping paper for your storage bins or you could use only one color. It actually depends on your taste and preference. , Just make sure that you use heavy duty glue in covering them.
3. Put any decorations you like. Like pictures or cut letters of your recipient’s name or anything else. Let your creativity go on overdrive. You can also put dried pressed flowers and leaves to make it funkier or more artsy.
4. Once the glue has completely dried out, you may put the plastic cover. Make sure that it covers the box as tightly as possible.
5. You can add buttons and yarns as lock for the storage bin.
6. Wrap the custom made storage bin with the water cellophane and tie a ribbon on it.

You may also use other materials to make the gift like an empty Pringles container that would work well as a cookie canister. Gifts need not be expensive. People would appreciate it more if they know the extent of your effort in presenting them your gift. It’s always the thought that counts.

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