Making Money with Coffee Vending Machines

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You can find designer coffee drinks being sold everywhere, not just at Starbucks, but literally everywhere – grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants. Not so long ago, your only coffee options were black coffee or maybe coffee with a little bit of cream and sugar, but that was about it as far as options went. Coffee drinks are so popular now that even McDonalds has rolled out their version of designer coffee drinks, the Frappe. The Frappe is an iced coffee drink that comes in both mocha and caramel flavors and is topped with whipped cream. Besides the Frappe, McDonalds also sells a regular ice coffee as well as hot coffee made with premium bean. If even McDonalds is selling upscale coffee drinks to cater to their customer’s demands, you can the demand is there.

Like all types of vending, coffee vending depends entirely on finding good locations. You need locations that have a lot of traffic, but no easy access to other places to buy coffee drinks, such as motels, college dorms or bus stations. Coffee vending machines used to sell horrible coffee; it was usually nothing more than freeze dried coffee served barely hot. Nothing could be further from the truth nowadays. In fact, the coffee drinks that today’s coffee vending machines are capable of producing is nothing short of incredible, they can produce top notch coffee drinks that are as good as those sold in coffee shops. Today‚Äôs machines are even capable of grinding fresh beans and frothing milk, they can vend everything from espressos to cappuccinos.

But quality products aren’t the only great thing about coffee vending, the mark up on coffee product is also quite attractive, sometimes as high as 70% or more. In addition to the great mark up, there is also an incredible demand for coffee, when you figure that the average coffee drinker consumes about 2-3 cups of coffee a day and you can see the coffee market is huge. Although most coffee is consumed at home, there is still a huge demand for coffee outside the home, so to get your share of this booming market, you should definitely consider coffee vending.

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