Should You Get A Manual Coffee Grinder?

Manual coffee grinders may, at first glance, seem like a relic of the past.  But they can be a fantastic addition to your household.  If you are going to buy a manual coffee grinder, though, you should be willing to invest at least $60 to $100 in a good quality one. So, is it a good investment for you?

The biggest reason to buy a manual coffee grinder is to enjoy the process of grinding beans.  It is easy to get caught up in the morning routine and rush through your coffee without enjoying it.  But slowing down to grind your beans manually helps to relax your mind, and remind you to slow down a little and enjoy the great aroma of fresh coffee.

If you buy antique style manual coffee grinders, they also look fantastic in your kitchen.   They can be a lot more than just an appliance.  With well-crafted wood and cast metal exteriors, these machines can add style and old world flair to any room.  Even when not in use, you can still display them on a shelf and appreciate the worksmanship of a beautiful machine.

Another benefit is that they are very convenient for traveling.  While the antique style manual coffee grinders may not be so easy to throw in a bag to make your coffee on the go, there are smaller, more modern styles that are quite small and convenient.  Whether you are camping or just staying at a hotel, these are great to have on hand.

In fact, the only real drawback to buying a coffee grinder manual is that, to some people, grinding coffee manually may feel like work.  It’s true that you have to put in an little more effort and time to enjoy your fresh coffee.  Also, for some drinks, such as espresso, it’s difficult and time consuming to get the very fine particles needed.  If you are willing to put in a little work, though, then a manual coffee grinder is perfect with a French press, a counter top drip coffee pot, or an under counter coffee maker.

For someone who just likes to drink coffee for the caffeine fix, or with breakfast in the morning, a manual coffee grinder may not be the best choice.  But for someone who takes pleasure in their coffee, this can be a great way to slow down the process and appreciate each cup even more.

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