Marketing a Business – Don’t Just Follow the Other Guys

I a small business owner. More technically, I’m a DUI defense attorney. What I do isn’t new. It has been around for a long time. And finding clients and marketing this type of business has been done for ages. But that doesn’t mean I should just copy what everyone else does and hope the phone rings, and you shouldn’t either.

Here’s an example. If you Google DUI defense lawyer or some random variation thereon you’ll see that everyone has Google ads up. They dominate the landscape. Everyone is touting themselves as experienced, and aggressive, and determined to fight for your rights. If I was lazy and didn’t care I could just do the same thing. I mean, if everyone is doing it it must be successful, right? But instead of doing that I take a step back and try to figure out if that  is even effective – and I think most studies show that it isn’t.

And here’s another thing, what everyone has been doing may have worked in the past, but things are changing rapidly in the business landscape. Only a couple of years ago the yellow pages was a great source of business – today it’s a dinosaur (yet you still see the pages filled with DUI defense lawyer ads – great example of when not to follow). With the advent of twitter, facebook, the internet, and technology in general, there are many creative and effective ways to get your name out there. You just have to think about it a little bit.

So, as you begin to think about how to get clients to your business, don’t just follow the other guys in your area of business. Look at what they do, assess whether or not it’s effective, and think about ways you can tweak or wholly change what’s being done now to your advantage. Lazy people do what everyone else does. Successful business people set the trends.

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